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Naruto Online. I am within groups of this game where I often see and read everyday people asking for good formations to copy and use them instead of learning by themselves what their advantages and disadvantages are, weaknesses and trying to improve them. Emphasizing that we do not all have the same basic stats and abilities, maybe we can copy the skills, formation, and ninjas but there is something that always fails. This is a game that we need to be patient and use our brain, although I must admit that it is a bit tedious. This guide I wanted to do to try to help those players who are starting in naruto online and have no idea what to do to be good players and defend themselves and their clan.

Also to make clear my experiences and whatI have learned throughout the year that I have playing. I will clarify doubts about how to increase the power correctly, and what you should and should not do to make the experience within the game as pleasant and positive as possible. My beginnings in the game I have to admit were not good, as every inexperienced playerI had no idea what to do, just clearing mission, the only thing I did was to level up in order to unlock new jutsu to use and skills without knowing the serious consequences that this would bring me in the future as a free player.

This is really what I want to avoid, since it is very difficult to fix every aspect of the game to obtain a power according to our level, this is something that I am still trying to fix. I spent a long time learning many things, I was improving every time I understood what I should do to be able to exploit the potential of my ninjas and be able to enjoy the game better. After starting under many clan mates I was able to overcome them in power and members of my server something very difficult to achieve being free.

I met good friends and became a leader of the clan in which I started.

Akatsuki Leader. As the leader, I believe that the most important things in this game and all the other RPGs are cooperation and teamwork. My priority as a leader will always be to help those who belong to my community by always applying good manners and respect above all. If it is within my means to help another person that he really needs help or guidance in naruto online, then I will leave my recommendations and steps to have a power according to our level.

Sasuke by devianart. When taking this into account and controlled, it is not necessary to do all of them since they give too much experience and we raise the level extremely fast. There are different reasons and points of view in which p2w players take advantage of this. By having the same level as them we are totally at their disposal and disadvantage in all possible PVP events such as sage battlefield and fighting matsuri, considering that they increase power only by paying and it takes us around a month or 2 to reach a level of power that unlike them takes only a couple of days, obviously we will have the same level but not the same power, the difference of power is one of the factors if it is not the most important one that determines if we are going to lose.

Kuchiyose no Jutsu. This is a feature that implemented a while ago, I do not know if it will be enabled in the Hispanic servers but I will explain what it is and how it works and how to take advantage of it to increase our power. Each summons has several stats that when waking them up completely increases our power and the damage we cause when using them, for example when gathering a certain number of paper runes we must wake up each hexagon with different stats for us at the end of each cube.

The more invocations we cultivate, the greater will be our power and the damage we do with that specific summon. The only thing we need is enough paper runes, summon contracts and the current summon the best way to obtain these requirements is through events or buying them in the arena and clan stores.

Naruto Online: How to Make a Group

This function is important we can customize and reinforce the weaknesses and increase strengths of our ninjas for this it is necessary to have gold that we gain while we do missions after this we spend in this way to cultivate and with much luck, we can get the much-coveted gold and red chakras. As we cultivate chakras we will earn points which we can exchange for a specific chakra that we want, my advice is not to spend a single point until we had enough and buy the special Initiative chakra.

In order to increase our level of power and armor we will need threads of green, blue and violet color, these can be obtained by making the instance called Strong approaching in easy, difficult and very difficult depending on the difficulty the reward varies the Armor is very important, it gives us a lot of stats to increase power and as it increases, it will change our appearance.

My advice to get more reward when it comes to increasing the power is to wait for the thread reimbursement event; at that time we proceed to raise our armor it will give us many more threads than we invest in uploading it. This is a section in conjunction with battle armor we can use any appearance of our taste as long as we have it enabled and available, the best way to acquire new clothing is through events acquired fragments of them collecting a total of 50 for each skin we can enable it.

This is one of the modes recently enabled servers in North America in the same way I will explain how is this system This modality is something simple and does not have much science simply consists of acquiring a large number of myoboku gift to be able to start the cultivation process just having the amount that it asks will be enough to drastically increase our power, by collecting more we will be able to advance in the cultivation mapI must say that the more we advance more items will consume but it is very worthwhile because the increase in power is very large, how to acquire these will be daily through missions or events.

This mode is only unlocked after reaching level 70 if I'm not wrong. Where we must overcome constant challenges we will earn some coins that we must use for the maximum challenge, overcoming the test of strength, survival, and speed as we conclude this way they will give us certain important items with which we can increase our power and re Forge the items that we gain in group instance these come with golden stats.

As we progress and culminate the maximum challenge rewards us with a total of 76 fragments of pain Tendo, and also many charm scrolls to use. This mode allows us to change the modality of the board with which we can play, granting us a wide variety of fields to modify our taste We must increase the fields and with them increase the attributes of each one giving us much more power, my recommendation for this mode or the field that I would recommend focusing to increase would be the initial "Ghost kill" is the most appropriate since it gives us a Life bonus, taijutsu atk, and ninjutsu. This is one of the primordial functions that we have available at the start since it gives us an increase of power as we go through each plot mission or elite mission.

The item we won will help us to be able to advance in this mode the wind shuriken. As many have realized, belonging to an active clan with a large number of members is very important starting with the leader, as this as a community affects us, and even more in our performance and power, without an active leader, many of the activities cannot be activated. For example capture the summon, this clan activity is paramount and very important as it affects us all equally.

By performing our daily activities within the clan and sacrificing our chakra we can help these massive summon evolve and with it the increase of our power. It should be noted that apart from increasing our strength it is also a vital and useful tool that we can use during the great ninja war event. The leader of the clan and its deputies have the obligation to feed the invocations so that they can remain strong and active for the war also keep high the power of all members, for this reason, it is very important to cooperate all as a family for a common benefit as clan and individually.

Another of the most important and useful benefits when it comes to being in a clan are group skills, it gives us very good stats the best way to increase our power quickly is with this option. Donating daily our contribution in gold to the clan.

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Is able to provide greater benefit to the members that comprise it, the higher the contribution the greater the number of points that we can exchange for these skills. In the same way, we can obtain contribution making convoy very important this aspect always have in mind to help and contribute as much as possible to the clan so that you can climb faster level and can update your skills for all it is a good benefit that you have to keep in mind.

As we can see in the image is reflected in these attributes: life, attack, defense, ninjutsu, resistance.

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The only way to raise our characters stars is buying on the black market or sweeping daily elite missions. Features that we must keep in mind as they are functions that are unlocked when starting the game, the cultivation is a series of orange scrolls that we will need to increase our power, the way to get them quickly is doing daily survival or buying them daily in the same Survival shop, it is important to have our ninjas grown to the top for better performance in combat.

Just like the cultivation, having our ninjas awakened and the same way is important, to increase our damage and resistance, these 2 characteristics are individual of each ninja but directly affect the performance of formation The best way to acquire the necessary materials to devastate is by doing the history missions and daily devastating that required material.

One of the most important functions so far to increase power a brutal form, in this function we must forge 4 items that we must equip each of our ninjas, each of these has different stats that are consistent with their function, among them are fan, rope, sword, vessel.

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On January 2, , Viz Media and Crunchyroll began providing the series subtitled episodes. The season would make its English television debut on Adult Swim 's Toonami block and premiere from October 7, to March 24, The season contains five musical themes: two openings and three endings. The second opening theme song, " Diver " by Nico Touches the Walls is used from episodes to The second ending theme,"U Can Do It! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Naruto: Shippuden season 9 Season 9 Cover. Anime and manga portal. TV Tokyo. Archived from the original on January 5, Retrieved April 29, Retrieved October 24, Retrieved July 12, Anime News Network.

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Retrieved Archived from the original on July 13, Viz Media. Archived from the original on February 27, Archived from the original on March 1, Madman Entertainment.

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Archived from the original on August 8, Archived from the original on September 14, Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. Categories : Japanese television seasons Japanese television seasons Naruto episodes. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Season 9 Cover. List of Naruto: Shippuden episodes. Iruka has just become Naruto Uzumaki 's Academy homeroom teacher. Another teacher advises Iruka to not mistreat his students so that they will not cause trouble.

But Naruto still causes mischief, as he is pained by his teacher's words to his class bullies to leave him alone and just ignore him.

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Lastly, Naruto discovers that Sasuke Uchiha is the only survivor of the Uchiha clan. Upset after being rejected by a group of students, Naruto dresses up as a spirit to scare them, only to be scolded by Iruka later. Naruto gets angry and claims he will never return to the Academy again, running away from a very confused Iruka. Afterward, Naruto is tricked into going into the forest to retrieve a souvenir from a recent battle by the kids he scared.

In return, they falsely promise to accept him into their group, hoping Naruto will be killed by the enemy still lurking out there. Naruto runs into three female ninja from the Hidden Waterfall Village that want information on the Leaf Village's border patrol that Naruto had discovered earlier on. The ninja chase after Naruto and encounter Iruka. Iruka tries to protect Naruto as best he can, but is rescued by Kakashi Hatake.

Iruka reconciles with Naruto. Watching Naruto and Sakura Haruno help out in the effort to rebuild their home, Kakashi has a flashback of when Hiruzen briefed him that he would be assigned them and Sasuke, accompanying him to Naruto's apartment where they find the long-expired milk which the boy drank before meeting up with his classmates on their last day of Ninja Academy and team assignments. Kakashi observes Team 7 from the behind the scenes, from Naruto's attempt to get close to Sakura to being outmatched by Sasuke when he attempted to attack him for hurting Sakura's feelings.

It then goes back to the present as Kakashi notes that taking down the now rogue ninja Sasuke is his task to bear. Years ago, after Team 7 completed their first mission and bid good bye to Tazuna and his grandson Inari, Naruto runs back to pick up a ramen coupon he left behind with Sasuke chasing after him. The boys are able to escape from the hideout, but the kidnappers follow with Inari luring them away so the boys can reach the village. In the present following Nagato's defeat, Naruto and Sakura see Tazuna and an older Inari as they and Inari's former bullies are aiding in the rebuilding the Hidden Leaf Village.

In a flashback of Naruto and Sakura's, Team 7 is on a mission to take an ostrich called Mr. Ostrich to his home. They arrive at a village where they see a swordsman named Tsukado who has a vendetta to carry on a man named Katazu who killed his distant relative Shikazo. Tsukado fails to defeat him so Naruto decides to teach him unusual revenge lessons. Katazu has then took his brother's identity and attracted Shikazo's pursuers while Kageki and his family went into hiding. Tsukado decides not to kill him and ends their years of fighting though Kanabun wants them to keep fighting.

The swordsmen, Team 7 and Mr. Ostrich chase the Kanabun Gang out of town. He remembers a time in the past where he and two Sand ninja meet up Team 7 to deal with bandits as part of an alliance between their villages, though Naruto and the others were not eager to trust Gaara. But when Gaara is revealed to be targeted by those in the Hidden Sand who still consider him a threat as a Jinchuriki despite his change of outlook, Naruto was the first to aid him with Gaara's teammates following.

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When Sakura sees Tsunade at her office, she collapses to which Tsunade claims Sakura has an illness known as a chakra virus. It was an illness long ago in another village that would turn chakra into a terrible flu and Naruto recently went to that village for a mission. Tsunade, not wanting to cause a panic, orders Shizune and a team of medical ninja to capture Naruto and later recruits Choji, Kiba, and Shino to assist.