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Does Walmart offer a military discount? Unfortunately, Walmart does not offer a military discount. With that said, the retailer offers several other ways you can save a significant amount of money. What other home improvement stores offer a military discount? Several other well-known home improvement and decor stores offer military discounts. She said to take it up with corporate.

Yeah Home Depot is all over the place with their military discounts. I believe they allow the discount on online orders as well. This only means that I was being compensated by the government for a health issue that I have claimed!!!!

Home Depot Military Discount [Updated ]: Official Policy and More

It has absolutely NO bearing as to whether or not I am in the service. I went to the in store customer service desk to place a special order and when I asked about the military discount I was told that I could not receive the discount because customer service had to place the order online. It was my understanding that special orders placed in the store were eligible for the discount. Menards carries them as stock item. I just went to Home Depot to purchase 3 ceiling fans.

Absolutely not true! I visited a Home Depot in Puerto Rico and bought a sink faucet. HD has too many exceptions and excuses! Why even bother with them!

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Stop playing their games. Find a Lowes…the are great about the Military discount and always that you for your service during the transaction. A truely patriotic organization. I stopped going to home depot years ago. First they say Veterans can get the discount, then they say only service connected veterans can get the discount….. First they said Veterans can get the discount, then they say you have to be service connected to get the discount…..

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You register with them using your DD They check for the type of discharge. I brought this up to Home Depot several times with various responses. When asked about online discounts, which would help older and disabled HD refused. As a result, I was forced to choose Lowes and will continue to. The only difference in the two for me, was at Home Depot you had to show your photo Military ID card every time….

At Lowes you showed it once, and they entered you in their system.. After that, you just give them your phone number.. I appreciate all discounts I receive…Walmart gives no Military Discounts.. Signed up at the service desk. Went back to the service desk they said it was fixed and we would never have a problem again. Well guess what next time we went to check out we were still not on the list.

Guess discount depends on the store. I am an old veteran long hair and long beard and always flash my retirement card when purchasing at the Hilo Home Depot. There is one other relatively large hardware store in Hilo — locally owned and operated. Or free shipping to store on over , items.

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CB2 Coupons. Brylane Home Coupons. Mikasa Coupons. Cymax Stores Coupons. UnbeatableSale Coupons. Ginnys Coupons. Northern Tool and Equipment Coupons. Now there are tons of excluded items, limitations. Never had a problem until today.

I really think they should rename the policy as well. I went to H. I was told that I could not use my County issued veterans i. I was frustrated as well but now that I have thought about this issue I am satisfied with Home Depots policy. Although it is nice its defiantly not necessary. We volunteered to protect the U.

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We need to stop expecting things as entitlement being veterans. Now suck it up and press on! It seems the issue is a lack of a uniform company policy. I love the flimsy excuse that certain vendors are part of the issue….. And they wonder why their sales are slumping? Poor customer service is as deadly to sales as is a bad economy. I agree with several of the comments. I am a disabled vet. I have a permanent disability which no one can see unless I drop my pants and show you. You do not keep your military id unless you retired from the military, which includes serving 20 plus years or getting a medical retirement which takes an act of congress to get.

Most new style ID the cac all have expirations. Home Depot and Lowes needs to be informed and inform all employees what the different types of ID are. These companies and all companies, if they claim to offer military or Vet discounts, should except the Veteran endorsement on any state drivers license because the Vet has to show their DD or VA proof to get it on their license. What was the point in passing a law allowing the Veteran to be recognized on their drivers license if no one is going to except it? No company does. Its just a good gesture for saying thanks for all you did for America.

I appreciate all veterans, weather you served one day or all your life. No one knows what a Vet is feeling or gone thru unless they have served also. The military is a different place to be today than it was years ago.

I hope my kids never serve in todays military, its all political. This is long but bear with me. Here is the supposedly most current official policy from Home Depot. Maybe we should carry a copy of this if we shop there. Thank you for contacting Home Depot Customer Care and for all that you are and have done for this country. In order to obtain the Military Discount, you must provide the appropriate ID at the time of purchase. With the appropriate ID, you will be able to obtain the discount on an everyday basis.

If the ID is not the ID that is accepted for obtaining the discount everyday, the discount will be available on the three major holidays of the year which are Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July. I have also provided the appropriate forms of ID in order to obtain the Military Discount below:. We use this card as and additional way to identify disabled veterans eligible for the Everyday discount.

The Universal card is the newer version with the color photo on it older cards had a black and white photo. Veterans who have been awarded Service-Connected SC status after their VIC has been issued or SC status is not properly documented on their card, will need to present their letter showing their SC rating to the eligibility clerk at the local VA Medical Center where they obtain treatment.

This is a valid form that can be used only during the 3 Holidays when we honor the Military Discount to everyone. This DL can be used as a valid form of ID during this time. I got to check out and received a 0. They told me they had no control over the discount, corporate does. Lumber is a commodity and as such it changes prices. Strange but HD prices do not go up and down like commodities.

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Will definitely consider a Lowes purchase next time over Home Depots disregard for military service. If this is a Managers decision whether to grant the discount or not, much to be said for management personnel. Just FYI, Home Depot no longer honors military discounts for anyone for online purchases I called the number listed in the article today. There are two local Home Depot stores.

The other was always a battle and I would leave the product at the checkout counter a time or two and just cross the street to Lowes. My most recent visit to HD resulted in being told they no longer give the military discount because their prices are lower than they used to be. I have never been denied the discount at Lowes. They always thank me for my service. Home Depot is now dead to me.

I was denied for the very 1st time when I went to pay for my I had already spent over In fact, i was very appreciative of the thanks I received during my 3 previous purchases. Today, a totally different story. I felt humiliated by a cashier and manager who even though I showed my proof of being a veteran Nys drivers lic- you actually need your DD to get.

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I explained all my previous experiences and the cashier and manager were steadfast on their stance. To that, I cancelled out my purchase- drove to Lowes in Webster Ny- I purchased the same materials- actually the items were a few dollars cheaper there and was Thanked for my service by the friendly cashier. What Home Depot needs to do is take a long look at how Lowes is operating their business. They could actually learn a thing or two about customer service. Thank you for letting me share my frustrations with all of you. And thank you again to all my fellow veterans in the USA!

Some issues are that it looks like Home Depot took down the pages that outlined their policy and chatting with an online representative, the information provided conflicted with my understanding. The information started to match more after I started to ask more questions, but it may have been like I was fishing for a specific answer.

I have placed many online orders and received my military discount. Today, I called to place an order and was told that, as of Feb. And Lowes, apparently, is the same way? Well, from now on I will shop at Tractor Supply Company. Home Depot can kiss that money goodbye. The in store discount is for active duty, reservist, national guard, retired or service connected disability.

I asked for the Manager and after a wait, a very young new Manager I had never seen before showed up. I was trying to use my VA Medical Card which i I use about once a week and have never been denied before and was told that was no longer accepted; because someone who had only served two years or a non veteran could obtain that card.

I explained to her that only a veteran could obtain that card. I have now taken the time to go on line and read the disclaimers on who can receive the discount. It would seem that the discount does not apply to many of us who served. Had the good luck and forturne to not have been injured or disabled. As for this young persons comments about some may have only served for two years!!